Laser Focused Putting Training Aid

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STEADIHEAD will teach you how to: PRACTICE with a focused purpose. LEARN to reinforce proper alignment and stroke patterns. ENJOY the rewards of improvement. BECOME A HAPPIER GOLFER, one less putt at a time!

Bobbi’s Three Basic Steps to Becoming a Great Putter:

Using Steadihead will quickly help you improve!
Align Your Eyes Over the Ball.
Steadihead shows when you are lined up with your eyes directly over the ball.
Keep Your Head Steady
Steadihead shows you where you are actually looking. Most people do not rotate their head correctly on the intended line. The laser trains you to "see" that line and rotate correctly down that line.
Rotate Your Head Down the Line.
Steadihead gives you immediate feedback and lets you know if your head has moved
  • Sleek Design

    Steadihead’s sleek design fits like a pair of glasses and can be worn alone or over existing eyewear.
  • Durable Case

    Steadihead comes packaged in a stylish and durable case that can be clipped to you golf bag.
  • Safety First

    When you look up while wearing your Steadihead, the laser automatically turns off and reactivates when you look back down.
  • Ease of Use

    Changing the the battery is easy, the housing flips forward and removal of the small cap exposes the battery compartment.

Steadihead Users

Read what our customers are saying about Steadihead!

I've been using the steadihead with my high school girls that have tryouts this week and it's been amazing! I took one of the girls who is a terrible putter and put the steadihead on her and after a few tries she made 4 6 footers in a row! Thank you Steadihead.
Wanted to let you know that since acquiring the Steadihead a couple of weeks ago that my number of putts has improved dramatically. I have used the glasses indoors just a few times and only for a couple of minutes each time, but in my last 4 rounds I have had zero 3 putts and between 27 and 31 putts per round.Thank you for bringing this devise to market I am convinced this will do more to bring my handicap down than anything else I do, will keep you posted my current index is 17.5
I have always been skeptical about golf helping tools. But, your creative approach and teaching tool with your laser glasses, has shown instant improvement with my putting. I am now more confident when approaching six foot, eight foot and fifteen foot putts. In fact, I am having more one putt greens than I was having before purchasing your great golfing tool.
  • Easy On and Off

    Easy On and Off

    Easy On and Off
  • Comfortable and Lightweight

    Comfortable and Lightweight

    Comfortable and Lightweight
  • Use it Anywhere.

    Use it Anywhere.

    Use it Anywhere.