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Bobbi Salmon

PGA Class A and LPGA Class A Member

"As a teacher of the game, as well as a student,  I understand how valuable  it is to have another set of eyes to see what you can't see. The Steadihead gives you that second set of eyes!"

With over 30 years of experience as a tour player and teaching professional, Bobbi  has focused her golf instruction under one simple mantra: “SIMPLICITY.” She is committed to creating better, happier golfers, one less putt at a time. 

Bobbi has competed in four British Opens, two U.S. Opens, and two LPGA Championships. She has played in Europe, Asia, and most recently, on the LPGA Senior tour. She is the author of two books, an instructional video and has always searched to find ways to make the game more simple and more understood.