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1. Utilizing the small, horizontally movable switch on the STEADIHEAD and while pointing the laser at the ground, merely switch the unit ON.

2. Once activated, position the STEADIHEAD frame as you would a pair of eye glasses. NOTE: The STEADIHEAD frame is designed to fit over glasses without interfering with one’s normal field of vision.

3. After placing a golf ball on the ground, assume your normal putting stance and adjust the STEADIHEAD laser beam to position the red spot directly over the ball. You should now be in your normal putting position and stance, while ensuring that your eyes are directly above the ball.

4. Prior to striking the ball, sight down the line of the putt about 5 or 6 feet; and repeat that sighting about two or three times to observe the planned path of the ball. Note now, if the head is rotated correctly on a rather horizontal plane, the beam will provide a correct sighting of your desired target line.

5. Now, simply putt while holding the laser spot on 

the ball during the stroke and through ball contact; 

then, follow the ball down the rolling line.