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$99.99 $129.99 saving $30.00

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Develop laser focused putting with STEADIHEAD!

STEADIHEAD addresses the three common denominators associated with poor putting:

1. Aligns the eyes over the ball

2. Trains the eye to see the true line of the putt.

3. Teaches golfers to keep still throughout the stroke.

Features and Benefits:

• Lightweight solid design

• Comfortable Fit

• Easy to Use

• Latest, Most Powerful Laser Technology

• Automatic Shut-off Safety Feature

  • Sleek Design

    Steadihead’s sleek design fits like a pair of glasses and can be worn alone or over existing eyewear.
  • Durable Case

    Steadihead comes packaged in a stylish and durable case that can be clipped to you golf bag.
  • Safety First

    When you look up while wearing your Steadihead, the laser automatically turns off and reactivates when you look back down.
  • Ease of Use

    Changing the the battery is easy, the housing flips forward and removal of the small cap exposes the battery compartment.

Steadihead Technical Specs

Steadihead Technical Specs
  • On/Off

    There is a simple on/off switch on the top of the laser housing shifting to the left turns the steaddihead on.
  • Auto Off Safety

    One very important safety feature occurs when you look up while wearing your steadihead......the laser automatically turns off and reactivates when you look back down.
  • Laser Specs

    Color: Red Wavelength: 650nM Life time: 5000-10000 hours Output power: 2mW - 2.5mW
  • Rubber Pads on the Stems

    Keep your eye on the ball and dont worry about Steadihead Falling! The rubber pads keep it from sliding.